Customer appreciation price of the hotel, ONLY 498,000 VND / person – especially single night on the occasion of Christmas 2016.


Coming here, tourists will surely surprised by the immediate center of HCM has a beautiful paradise dream

Only 498,000 VND – CHRISTMAS is you do ??? Watch a movie? Eat a simple dinner? Or crammed around the remote town of suffocation has memorized ???

WHY ? WHILE YOU CAN COME WITH US AND ENJOY CHRISTMAS PARTY loved ones in a way that is completely different?

With gratitude to customers price ONLY 498,000 VND / person – especially single night on the occasion of Christmas 2016.

You and your loved ones will enjoy their most immediately attractive incentives Modular follows:

Housekeeping resort-class super luxury 5-star resort.

Breakfast in the restaurant served by professional chefs experienced.

The entrance into the spacious play area, romantic – far different atmosphere frustrating noisy in the capital.

Using modern pool system designed according to European standards.

Mineral water, tea.

Sauna system, the most modern wet steam.

Free Wifi throughout the region.

SPECIAL hottest services at the resort is guaranteed to make you happy – Combination of type hot indoor jacuzzi, hot tub herbal green tea, herbal medicine, folk leaf, ginger, salt for winter . And hundreds of magical effects on health as soothe the joints, blood circulation, coordination and cardiovascular activity, nutritional supplements, antioxidants ….

Conditions apply:

In just one night only: 24/12/2016.

Booking from 02 passengers or more.

Duration 12.23.2016 booking prior.

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